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Kecak, known as "Monkey Dance" is one of the most exotic art forms of Bali. Secular art form which embodies the spiritual and aesthetic elements of ancient and modern Balinese cultural tradition. Kecak integrates vocal music, dance and drama, but the ultimate artistic beauty lies in its intricate vocal chanting.

Kecak has had the musical accompaniment of the sacred Sanghyang dance for hundreds years. The Sanghyang is a God inspired trance dance, the function of which is to protect society against evil forces and epidemics. It can take several forms, here is the Sanghyang Djaran. Djaran means 'horse'. The horse rider is lulled into trance by the repetitive sounds of the gamelan suara (voice music) after which, he is able to walk over the hot embers via the dynamic sounds and his trance state.


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